About Me

Hey y'all! When I started my original blog, Eye See Scarlett, in 2017, my purpose was to share our journey with our daughter's rare diseases. Over time that morphed into Kentuckiana Momma but I still felt that there was something missing. And that is how we ended up here. 

Just a mom with a passion for crochet, books and true crime cases. I love everything from discovering new patterns to creating my own. There are so many amazing yarns, crochet patterns and books in the world... but not enough time!

My love of reading began earlier in life. I was always fascinated by books of all kinds. One of my earliest memories is of reading. As a young girl, I would stay up all night devouring book after book. From the classics to R. L. Stine, I read them all. As I grew, Stephen King began to fill my bookshelf along with true crime and other thrillers. I still read all kinds of books but my love for true crime and thrillers has never waned.

Crochet is another of my passions. I am, essentially, self taught. Although, my mother taught me the basics as her mother taught her... this is definately a multi-generational hobby. From afghans to ear warmers to hats... I've made it all. I love to find new patterns as well as develop them. Playing with colors is also a favorite whether it is with yarn or paints.

As a mother, time to do either can be tight but I take time to do either daily as a form of self care. As a mother of a child in several therapies and a still undiagnosed condition (outside of her congenital eye conditions), taking time to myself is a must. My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years and have two amazing daughters. Our oldest has a passion for anime like no other. While our youngest is all about Poppy and Rapunzel. Having a preteen and a toddler has definately been an adventure. We are living the simple life in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana and wouldn't have it any other way. 

You can also find me over at my other blog, Momma Loves True Crime!

So, pull up a chair, grab a drink, and take a journey with me.