5 Must Have Crochet Stitch Books

Those first days of learning to crochet are spent on the basic stitches. Constant repetitions of single, double, and half double crochet stitches. However, every crocheter needs to have a few stitch books on hand especially when developing their own patterns or wanting a different stitch for a particular project. Finding the best crochet stitch books can be a chore. These 5 must-have crochet stitch books are sure to help you create your next project!

Crochet Stitch Dictionary

This book contains step-by-step photos for 200 fabulous stitches! These full-color photos are a fantastic guide especially when you get stuck on a particular step. Sarah Hazell and the team behind this book did a fantastic job of using contrasting colors on some of the more intricate stitches so the pattern/stitches can be viewed clearly. 

500 Crochet Stitches

If you are better at reading a chart vs a written pattern this book will be your savior! Every stitch comes with a chart, pictures, and written instructions. In addition to basic stitches, there are also instructions for motifs and edgings. This is definitely one book you will want to have a physical copy of.

The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs

Most crochet stitch books contain largely the same stitches, this book has some original stitches as well. That is why this book made the list. It also contains graphs but it is lacking in any true variation in the photos other than a background change. It feels like you are looking at the same stitch again and again. Once you get past that, this is a fantastic book. Another positive of this book is that it contains a pictorial index. 

The Big Book of Crochet Stitches 

Yet another book with fantastic, detailed pictures.  It will quickly become one of your favorite books. The pictures in combination with the written instructions. As with many books, it is organized by type of stitch which helps when you know you want a puff stitch so that you can see several different types close together. Also, there are several combinations of stitches that you may not have thought to put together that are really beautiful.

Crochet by DK

This book just came out and is amazing! Not only does it provide you with projects, but also goes into technique, color theory, hooks, yarn weights, and so, so much more! Projects range from bracelets to garland to pillows. There is such a great variety included in this book including filet crochet patterns and squares. Crochet by DK encompasses it all and then some. 

All of these books would be amazing on their own but I believe that having more resources available is best. While these books are available as e-books, there is something special about having the book in hand. If you are looking for something to carry with you that isn't as heavy, then this little booklet is perfect for you! Definitely check out these 5 must have crochet books for yourself and let me know what you think!