Sissy's Electric Ripple Crochet Afghan

There is nothing better than curling up with an afghan that some made with love just for you. Over the years, I have made each of my daughter a few blankets. As my oldest is entering her teen years, an upgrade was needed. So, we took a trip to my yarn storage area and I let her pick out a few colors. She chose a very brightly colored self-striping yarn and black. 

To have her watch the whole process and give feedback is fun and a little bit of a bonding experience. While she has no interest in crocheting herself, she does appreciate the finished products. 

While this pattern can have endless color combinations, this is the color pattern that seemed a lot of fun to me. I think of it as a waterfall type pattern. I hope you enjoy it!

What You'll Need:

  • Yarn in your choice of 2 colors (I used black and Red Heart's Self Striping Yarn in the color Bright Stripes) I used approximately 20oz of each but you will be able to customize the length so you may use more or less. The size I made will fit the top of a twin size bed. 
  • Scissors 
  • Yarn needle

Sissy's Electric Ripple Afghan

Ch. 130
  1. DC in 2nd ch from hook DC and in first 2 ch's together (dc2tog), DC in next 3 chs, 3 DC in next ch, *DC in next 5 chs, sk 2 chs, DC in next DC in next 5 chs, DC in next ch 3 times, repeat from * until you are left with 5 chs, DC in next 3 chs, then dc2tog in the final 2 chs.
  2. Ch 2, dc2tog in first two sts, DC in next 3 sts, 3 DC in next DC, *DC in next 5 sts, sk 2 sts, DC in next 5 sts, 3 DC in next st, repeat from * until last 5 st, DC in next 3 sets, dc2tog in last 2 sts to finish row.
  3. Repeat row 2 to create the pattern. Follow the directions below for the color pattern for the afghan.
  4. Once you reach row 120, weave in ends and you're done!

Color Pattern

Color A (solid)
Color B (varigated)

  • Row 1 Color A 
  • Row 2 Color A
  • Row3- 62 Repeat Color A then Color B ending with Row 62 as Color B
  • Row 63- 64 Color A 
  • Row 64 Color B
  • Row 65-66 Color A
  • Row 67 Color B
  • Row 68-69 Color A 
  • Row 70 Color B
  • Row 71-72 Color A 
  • Row 73 Color B
  • Row 74-75 Color A
  • Row 76 Color B
  • Row 77-79 Color A
  • Row 80 Color B
  • Row 81-83 Color A
  • Row 84 Color B
  • Row 85-87 Color A
  • Row 88 Color B
  • Row 89-91 Color A
  • Row 92 Color B
  • Row 93-95 Color A
  • Row 96 Color B
  • Row 97-100 Color A
  • Row 101 Color B
  • Row 102-105 Color A
  • Row 106 Color B
  • Row 107-110 Color A 
  • Row 111 Color B
  • Row 112-115 Color A 
  • Row 116 Color B
  • Row 117-120 Color A 

This blanket was an absolute win! Sissy ended up loving it and how the bright colors pop against the black solid. 

Do you tend to make items for yourself, as gifts, or to sell? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love this tutorial. Totally gonna give it a try.

    1. Thanks! You'll have to let me know how it goes!

  2. This is simple and eye-catching all at once. I absolutely love the colour palette that you chose. The pops of bright colours against that black really makes it look so much more fun!


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