10 Books to Empower Girls

Raising confident children is key to their success. We need to make sure that we are empowering them and providing them with the resources needed to chase their dreams. Although women have gained the right to vote and are able to apply and are employed in the same jobs as our male counterparts... women are still paid less. Women are also underrepresented in the fields of math and science. Girls are still discouraged from entering certain industries because they are women. These 10 books will empower the girls in your life to be anything they want to be!

Girls Can Do Anything

This amazing book literally shows girls of all colors with all kinds of different interests doing what they love. No matter if they enjoy math, skateboarding, or dream of flying planes... your girl will see herself represented here. 

Shaking Things Up

There is nothing better than being able to teach the next generation about the amazing women and girls who paved the way for her. This book touches on many stories from Ruby Bridges, who helped end segregation in schools in the south, to Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel in Space. There are 14 amazing girls to introduce your whole family to in this book. 

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 2 00 Tales of Extraordinary Women

What better way to introduce some amazing women than to recreate their stories into a fairytale. Each story has been recreated into a fairytale type story to introduce trailblazing women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Beyonce, and Frida Kahlo. The book also features art by female artists and has a unique style of writing that adds a different feel to this series of stories. 

I am a Warrior Goddess

In I Am A Warrior Goddess, you meet a girl who finds ways to make an impact on the world around her every day. As she goes throughout her day, she finds ways to be kind, connect with the earth, and find an inner strength that is there in all of us. This book will definitely empower your little one to discover her inner goddess and how to make the world around her a bit brighter.

I Will Be Fierce

I Will Be Fierce is a story that will show the girls in your life that they can conquer the world. They follow the main character through her day as she explores places such as the library, finding ways to be kind, and her many adventures throughout her day. Being fierce isn't just about being strong but being kind as well. That is one fantastic thing girls will pick up from this book.

Human Computer: Mary Jackson, Engineer

Human Computer introduces our girls to Mary Jackson, the first African American engineer for NASA. She loved math and sciences but never thought she would be able to work in the field she wanted to. However, this trailblazer broke through many barriers to her dream job. 

She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World

This series is one of my favorites to showcase strong women to my daughters. From trailblazers in the civil rights movement to innovators in the medical field. These women had to persist to make the changes that they knew were needed. The amazing women in this book are all from the United States, however, each book has a different theme. 

She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Changed History

This book is another in Chelsea Clinton's series, however, the girls and women featured here are from all over the world. From Malala Yousafzai to Yuan Yuan Tan, these women made their paths their own with constant persistence. Having your girls read about these wonderful trailblazers will show them that it doesn't matter where you are from if you keep at it, you can manifest what you want.

I Can Do Hard Things: Mindful Affirmations for Kids

One of the biggest parts of empowering the next generation is to teach them that they can do anything. By teaching them affirmations, you are giving them one tool to discovering their inner strength. Affirmations will help build their confidence and quiet the voices that tell them they do not have what it takes, 

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

As a mother of an almost teen girl who absolutely loves all things, STEAM centered, this book is a must-have! These 50 incredible women are introduced with adorable illustrations. This book also includes facts around women in STEAM fields. This is a fantastic area to empower our girls to grow and encourage them to pursue any passions in this field. 

These 10 books are an amazing place to start to build up your girl's confidence and empower her to to be whoever she dreams of being. It is up to each of us to make sure we empower the girls (and boys) in our lives to live their dreams no matter what they are. Building an inclusive and equal world starts within our own households.