What to Read After Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  is an iconic classic series of books. Every kid I knew by 6th grade had read them front to back at least twice. This time of year is perfect to find those creepy, but not terrifying stories for your middle grade readers. Thanks to Net Galley, I was able to receive an Advance Copy of an amazing book that is a tribute to Alan Schwartz, the author of the Scary Stories trilogy. It is definitely one to add to you kid's Halloween reading list!

Don't Turn Out the Lights

The book kicks off with The Funeral Portrait by Laurent Linn who ushers you into the creepiest story about an elderly woman who paints the royal family. Everyone wonders just how she captures her subjects so perfectly. 

There is something so enticing about a horrifically scary short story with that one final twist. That is the fun that came from reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. You got a few moments of a scare. Took a breath and dove back in for more. 

The tradition of these shorter stories that Schwartz delighted and terrified us with are continued in the anthology. While some authors chose for a more traditional length for their submission, it is the short ones that really get to you. They're the ones that make your mind spin when something goes bump in the middle of the night. 

Author Gaby Triana, known for the Haunted Florida series, spins a tell of a worn looking cat and a girl who just wants to take care of it. It avoids her calls to come here, and for some reason, her mother never sees it. 

Taking a typical object or pet from our familiar surroundings and making it spooky is a partictalent for the author of a short story. You have to know just how to pull the reader in quickly, zap them with a shock, and leave them with goosebumps. 

Check Out These Books Too!

Let me know below, what your favorite spooky book was as a kid! 

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  1. Oh man, I still have memories of being completely freaked out by Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!!! The illustrations are what really elevates it to the next level of terror, lol.
    Definitely going to have to check out these others too!

    1. Yes! The illustrations are so creepy and still get me to this day.

  2. These are great recommendations! So excited that it's finally October and appreciate these suggestions!


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