The Wicked Hour

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy of this wonderful book by Alice Blanchard.

Burning Lake, New York is known for their lively Halloween celebrations. However, this Halloween it isn't your typical celebration and clean up afterward. The Wicked Hour by Alice Blanchard centers around Detecive Natalie Lockhart and her latest investigation. 

While assisting with clean up after Halloween night, Natalie is waved down by a public works employee. He had made a gruesoms discovery in one of the alleys off Sarah Hutchins Drive. A naked young woman had been dumped in the large dumpster with mounds of trash placed over her. 

As Natalie dives into discovering who this woman is, what brought her to Burning Lake, and who killed her, she is reminded of her infamous status after catching a serial killer. The path she is led down is filled with shady characters and the hidden secrets of the classical music world. After all, the woman found is a student at a local music conservatory where another violinist went missing within the last year. 

With all the twists and turns of her current case, we get a glimpse into Natalie's past. Her complicated, psuedo-romantic relationship with her Leuitenant, her missing friend who isn't really missing, and the death of her sister, Grace. Alice Blanchard has done an incredible job developing the characters in this book. 

Although, I found it to be very slow until the last third of the book, it was a great read. Lot of twists and turns for any thriller reader to love. What I was shocked to find out it that this is the second book in a series! It read perfectly well as a stand alone book which is rare. I will definitely be checking out the first book, Trace of Evil, very soon. Overall this book gets a solid 4 out of 5 from me. 

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