11 Crochet Shawl Patterns to Keep Your Warm This Fall

Shawls are a fantastic way to keep warm on those fall nights. They are truly versatile and appeal to all ages. They are no longer just for the granny rocking on her front porch or by the fire. These 11 crochet shawl patterns are not only free but also modern. In other words, these aren't your granny's shawl (or wrap) patterns. 

1. Lost In Time Triange Shawl

This gorgeous shawl by Mijo Crochet is reminiscent of a mandala which is a big part of its charm. The warm colors in addition to the variety of stitches make sure that it will be a standout as a gift or in your own wardrobe. Plus this pattern comes in many different languages!

2. Friendship Pocket Wrap

This modern wrap is complete with tassels and pockets. Who doesn't adore pockets on dresses and wraps, am. I right? Add in a modern color, like this mustard yellow, and you have a winning combination. This pattern by Merri Purdy is available as a Ravelry Download

3. Klaziena Shawl 

This delicate shawl was developed in memory of a fellow crocheter. The delicate lace pattern paired with solid sections adds a feminine touch. It can be made either as a triangle or a rectangular shawl/wrap. It is available as a Ravelry download. 

4. Gypsy Queen Shawl

This shawl pattern will feed your gypsy soul! It is delicate and drapes gracefully across the body. I don't know about you, but this is on my project list. This shawl would look amazing as a solid color or with an ombre color pattern.

5. Portobello Road Shawl

This rectangle shawl aka wrap has beautiful stitching to create a lacy effect. It is definitely a gorgeous option to pair with a dress. 

6. Sislove Half Circle

Another gorgeous shape for a shawl is the semi-circle. It is a nice alternative for those who aren't fond of triangle shawls but want to drape of one. This is only a chart pattern (not written) and is available as a download. 

7. Adirondack Wrap

Don't you just love the shape of this wrap?! It's a mix of a triangular and rectangular shawls creating a points on the ends while keeping the back fairly straight. 

8. Arrow Wrap

This gorgeous wrap is made of solid stretches followed by some airy, lacy stitches for a wonderful arrow pattern. You can really enhance the different sections with your color choice as well. 

9. Just Feel Festive Shawl

The Just Feel Festive Shawl is worked on the bias using the Granny stitch. That makes the lovely stripe pattern diagonal instead of vertical. It is available as a download. 

10. Scrappy Granny Shawl

This colorful shawl is a great way to use any leftover scraps of yarn that are laying around your craft area. It uses the granny stitch which is a great quick stitch and you'll be able to work this up in no time at all!

11. Nadia Shawl

This ribbed shawl is perfect for everyone... literally. It is super cozy and made with worsted weight yarn. It is available as a Ravelry download. 

Shawls and wraps are the perfect addition for those chilly mornings, afternoons, and nights. Finding the perfect combo of yarn, pattern, and color is made easier when you have an amazing pattern. These 11 crochet shawl patterns are the best of the best!