When I Was You

Warning: Spoilers will try to be avoided as much as possible but I cannot guarantee that there will not be any.

What's It About?

Brienne is a young woman who has been through a rough time. After a violent attack, she has been afraid to leave home. She is always on the verge of an anxiety attack. After all, she almost died. She constantly has horrible headaches not to mention memory loss. She finds comfort in the new routine that she has developed inside her home.

She has welcomed a tenant into her home, Niall. He is a handsome doctor who spends time in his study when he is home. His schedule is predictable which suits Brienne.

Niall seems very concerned for Brienne especially when she is having difficulties stemming from her trauma. Despite being just a tenant, it seems there may be something more.

Then she receives a set of keys in the mail. For an apartment that has been rented in her name. But, she doesn't remember doing this. She contacts the apartment manager. The manager insists that she is the one who rented the apartment. Is she losing touch with reality?

Brielle begins to investigate the other Brielle thst has popped up in her life. Who is this mysterious woman? She is constantly worried that someone is setting her up. Constantly trying to determine just what is going on. Has she lost her grip on reality?

About The Author

Minka Kent is the author of several thrillers including The Memory Watcher and The Stillwater Girls. She has a love for travel and baking. She also writes contemporary romance novels under the pen name, Winter Renshaw.

My Thoughts

This book is a fantastic thriller with lots of plot twists. I read it in 2 days. Which for a busy mom, wife, and working woman isn't an easy feat.

Minka Kent has beautifully written this novel. It iisn't always easy to picture what you're reading in your mind's eye. However with this book, it was so easy.

As you dive deeper into the rabbit hole, you are hooked into the fast paced story. It unfolds beautifully with it's hooks in you. You feel Brienne's anxiety. You get drawn into the mystery of finding the other Brienne.

I am so happy that I chose this as the first book of 2020. Now, only 19 more books to try to mark off of my TBR list for the year!

Have you read When I Was You? Let me know your thoughts below. If not, grab your copy here!